Summer Tunes

I love summer. Even the music sounds better. It’s a great time to spend a little extra time with your instrument, as hopefully your work hours or your school work have slowed down a little. So grab your guitar (or other instrument of choice), head to the back porch and shed a little.

But of course summer is also a time for listening to your favorite tunes, at the beach or on a road trip or, well, stuck in rush hour on the pike. So here’s my list of 5 essential summer tunes. Not a definitive list by any means – just 5 good ones.

Summertime Rolls (Jane’s Addiction)
Mix a little poetry from Perry with the light and heavy of Jane’s – how can you go wrong?

The Coast (Paul Simon)
“Summer skies, stars are falling. All along the injured coast”. Amazing.

Celebrated Summer (Husker Du)
Unlike the others this one makes me sad, but brings me back to my teen summers.

Divided Sky (Phish)
Let’s go on summer tour. I can make burritos…

Summer Nights (Van Halen)
Five minutes of purely ridiculous Van Hagar induced guilty pleasure.

What are your 5?

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