Playing in the Band

Jam Night

Let's Jam!

Jam Night is a monthly offering at Page Music that allows you to jam with fellow students on songs of your choice, and learn how to play in a group setting. All guided by an instructor!


Playing in the Band

Sign up for Jam Night, a monthly offering at Page Music Lessons. It’s all about playing, jamming and connecting with other similar students. You can try out new ideas from your lessons, experiment with new gear, perfect your technique – all in a comfortable, supportive live setting.

All instruments and vocalists are welcome, and Jam Night is designed for adults and mature teenagers. Speak with your instructor or the office staff about placement, and get ready to jam!

The Right Level for You

Students range from beginners to advanced players. To ensure that the jam session is productive and that everyone is learning in line with their own skill level, a Page Music instructor guides the group, offers suggestions and answers questions throughout the session.

We offer 2 levels of Jam Night – 101 and 102 – with the 102 ensemble generally being a little more challenging with a higher level of playing. Each level is offered once a month, so you can build upon your progress (and learn from your mistakes too!).

Tunes You Love

Two songs are chosen in advance, so students can prepare with their private instructor at Page Music Lessons. Song choices draw from a variety of genres including Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, etc., including classics such as “Little Wing”, “Key to the Highway”, “Straight No Chaser”, “American Girl” and more. Get involved and help pick songs for future Jam Nights.
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