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Boston is full of musicians, and any one of them can claim to be a great instructor. But Page Music Lessons has a proven history of attracting some of Boston's best and brightest teachers. Our instructors love working at our Newbury Street location, right in Boston's music district. Your time is extremely valuable, so why take a chance on an unproven teacher for your lessons?

We have multiple teachers for most instruments, and we're plugged into an incredible network of teachers when we need to fill a new position. Whether you're improving the cognitive powers of your mind by pursuing music as a hobby or considering a career in music, we can help you for years to come.

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Jams, Recitals, Workshops.

We offer a unique experience you're unlikely to find elsewhere. You'll receive exceptional private lesson instruction supplemented by jam sessions, workshops, and recitals - for all ability levels, including beginners.

As opposed to working with a private instructor or a national in-home lesson service, at Page Music Lessons you'll receive plenty of opportunities to play with other students and perform in front of receptive audiences. And we host our events on an ongoing basis, not just at the end of the semester.

Study Where You Want

We are able to deliver your lessons in three ways: At Our Studio on Newbury Street in the Back Bay of Boston, In Home (in select neighborhoods), or Online. While in home and webcam lessons have their advantages, we recommend studying at our conveniently-located studio, where you can immerse yourself in your music, and be inspired by our teaching staff and other students. Or speak with our staff about a hybrid model to best suit your needs.

Whichever you choose, you'll have access to our events and receive excellent service from our office team.

Pro Office Team

Tired of trying to unsuccessfully reach your music teacher? The Page Music Lessons Team handles all of your administrative needs, including all scheduling and payments, and event coordination.

We're a local Boston company, since 2002.

If you sign on with a national service, who's going to take your call if you have a problem? What happens if your private instructor disappears with your tuition check? At Page Music Lessons, you can count on us to help solve any issues you might encounter, and also help share your success!

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Page Music Lessons
Based on 56 reviews
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16:05 28 Apr 24
My 13-year-old started taking lessons at Paige Music this fall and we are so happy with the school and the teacher (Luke). He's been playing guitar for the past 7 years and he was starting to lose interest in practice, as typical with young teens. Working with Luke, he has a renewed passion for playing and practice. They find just the right songs that suit his musical taste and move his skills forward. Great teacher. Great school!
Emily LiEmily Li
21:42 25 Apr 24
I have loved taking music lessons here! The instructors are SO friendly and so knowledgeable. Another thing I love is that if you can't make a lesson for some reason, you can cancel (in advance) and then use this credit to try other instruments. I've been able to try a bunch of other instruments and instructors because of this flexible policy. The recitals are also a wonderful way of fostering community. I've learned so much! Thank you!!
Kris ZzzKris Zzz
04:03 24 Apr 24
Easy scheduling, flexible rescheduling or swapping between online and in-person, and a friendly staff all around. I've been taking bass guitar lessons for about 4 months and have been able to learn at a decent pace due to my instructor Matt Pennington's ability to make complex musical concepts easily digestible. I appreciate the personal curriculums that dive into the type of music that interests you while also incorporating valuable music theory which makes it so you're not only playing the songs you like, but understand what's going on behind the scenes music wise. There's plenty of resources for a wide variety of genres and plenty of opportunity to play music whether you're polishing a piece with your instructor or choose to participate in one of the monthly laid back group sessions with other students.
Akshay DixitAkshay Dixit
23:02 23 Apr 24
I highly recommend piano lessons with Page Music. I started as a total beginner and have worked with two instructors, and they’ve both been phenomenal. My current instructor, Alejandro, is extraordinarily kind, helpful and patient.
14:02 19 Apr 24
An amazing environment to learn for both beginning and experienced musicians. I came in as a beginner adult piano student with Anissa and she immediately adapted to my skill level with zero judgement. I've progressed quickly in just a couple of months thanks to her patience and the relaxed vibe of the school. Would recommend to anyone seeking to learn an instrument across any level.
Connor LehanConnor Lehan
12:13 19 Apr 24
Official JayOfficial Jay
19:23 24 Feb 24
Richard MoranRichard Moran
15:19 30 Sep 23
I have played guitar for 50 years, entirely self-taught. As a result there is much that I don’t know or have always been doing wrong. I have had some teachers over the years but it never worked out. The teachers I found were good players but who never thought about what the job of teaching really involves. Or if they did, then they had a ‘system’ that you would be force-marched through regardless of your needs and interests. Matt Pennington is a very happy exception to my unhappy experience with guitar teachers. I can’t say this with sufficient emphasis: he is a teacher through and through. That is the center of gravity of my every interaction with him. He is perpetually thinking about what the student needs, what the student wants, and where the student is this week in their development. It’s great to feel that someone is paying attention to your progress and encouraging you to move forward. But you move forward at your own pace. Instead of just marching through the elements of music theory and technique, he breaks it down into manageable segments that you can get a handle on in a few weeks. The deeper system behind all this emerges gradually but is not the focus of any particular lesson. The student is introduced to a bunch of techniques and concepts in a rudimentary way, and this builds confidence. Gradually you go back over things and get a deeper sense of the whole. Throughout this Matt is great about illustrating various musical points by reference to songs and players that are a common point of reference. All of this comes very naturally to him. Let me just repeat what I said at the beginning: he is a teacher through and through, it’s how he’s thinking about things all the time. I would recommend him to anyone at any level of guitar playing. We started in person and now we're online and it still works very well.
Michelle KalilMichelle Kalil
01:48 27 Jul 23
I’ve learned so much over my last two years with page music. I took piano lessons growing up, but stopped playing for 12 years. I decided to start back up again two years ago, and since then I’ve learned so much from Page’s wonderful instructors! I’ve had a few instructors during my time at Page, and they each have their own unique and helpful learning style. They were also very understanding of my slow progress since I work full time. I definitely recommend Page Music if you’re interested in picking up an instrument again or starting from scratch!
Kiley HickmanKiley Hickman
13:14 18 May 23
Page Music is the best! The staff is always helpful, responsive, and kind. I've been taking piano lessons with Johnathan, and they are SO worth it. He's an incredible teacher and it was so easy to get started here! I highly recommend Page.
Ngan TranNgan Tran
02:32 07 Apr 22
I have been learning piano at Page Music Lessons for about 8 months now. My instructor is Sarah Yang, she is an amazing teacher who is very patient and helpful toward my learning process. The staff there are also very nice and friendly. I really enjoy the lessons and have a great time every time I come to the studio. I would definitely recommend Page Music Lessons to any of my friends who is interested in learning a new instrument.
Kurt WagnerKurt Wagner
01:55 04 Aug 20
I'm an adult who has taken electric guitar lessons at Page Music Lessons for several years. The instructors are highly skilled, supportive, and extremely easy to work with. I also really enjoy the monthly jam nights, which gives students a chance to play together in a low pressure, fun, environment; but one which can be as challenging as you want to make it. The pandemic has obviously changed the way they operate, but the instructors have adapted and their personal Zoom lessons are virtually as good as live lessons, and very convenient! If you're an adult who has been thinking about starting or resuming playing music, this is a great time to do it, and I would highly recommend Page for lessons.
Deven Smith-ClarkeDeven Smith-Clarke
08:00 16 Apr 20
Great group of people. Instructors are good, and the song nights are great to play with other musicians.
Qi LiaoQi Liao
02:05 27 Nov 19
I have been taking piano lessons at Page Music for over a year. When I came here, I can hardly read the notes. After one year of commitment, I have finished one book and was able to perform my favorite Bach. Thank you Jasmine and Page Music. You are the best.
Niall CorriganNiall Corrigan
19:03 21 May 19
My daughter has been taking violin lessons at Page Music for about 18 months now. The experience has been very positive. Her teacher, Taylor, has been wonderful - patient and encouraging. She takes an approach that might be described as Suzuki light, and will often spend some time on musical theory or history during the lessons. Daughter genuinely looks forward to her weekly lesson. The facility is also great. Conveniently located on Newbury St right by a the Hynes T-stop. They have a simple billing system that works well. The staff are extremely accomodating and responsive. They host regular recitals offsite that offer a non-threatening opportunity for students to play in front of a group. Finally, one of the managers/instructors (Rick) occasionally brings his dog to the studio - and she's fantastic!
Phyllis WilkerPhyllis Wilker
22:10 25 Jan 19
I started violin lessons at Page about five months ago and I have really enjoyed them. I had studied violin when I was younger, but I hadn't taken lessons since high school, so I was more than a little apprehensive. My teacher, Taylor, has been great for me. She points out techniques that I need to improve, but she is also kind and encouraging. She has expertise in various types of violin playing - classical, jazz and bluegrass and she has been open to teaching me different types of music, as well as some music theory.
Michael DavinMichael Davin
23:21 24 Jan 19
As a 60 year old learning to play an instrument (guitar) for the first time, I'm thrilled I chose Page Music. My overall experience has been educational, relaxing and exciting. Matt is an amazing teacher! His patience and encouragement for a newbie like me has been inspirational. I look forward to continuing my lessons as I chase my goal of becoming a proficient, recreational guitarist. Thank you Page Music!!
Stephanie WaltherStephanie Walther
20:21 08 May 18
I have had a significant improvement in my voice in the year that I have been taking lessons. I also participate in the jam nights, song nights, and recitals that Page offers. They give me a chance to work on stage fright, stage presence, working with an ensemble, and working with songs that stretch my comfort zone. My instructor and the jam/song night leaders have been incredibly supportive and positive as I learn to use my voice. It's been a great experience.
Ronan BarrettRonan Barrett
19:05 12 Apr 18
I have been taking lessons with Page Music for approximately 3 years. Throughout that time I have enjoyed the experience of learning to play guitar. Matt has done a great job of challenging me to develop my skills at a pace I am comfortable with. SInce the pandemic began, lessons shifted to being virtual and we have hardly missed a beat. Via Zoom, Matt continued to work together. In fact, being able to play with my own amp. has contributed to my progress. I would absolutely recommend Page Music to any adult interested in learning to play. Virtual teaching did not affect the standard of instruction in any way.
Cara DonovanCara Donovan
21:13 11 Apr 18
My son and I have taken drum lessons with Dan at Page Music for almost 8 months. There are varied opportunities to play with others/before an audience. Dan is a patient and animated teacher and we look forward to our weekly lessons. I would highly recommend Page Music for first time musicians. They are flexible with proper notice to change if you need to. Instructors are knowledgeable and talented.