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Special Events

Year Round Special Events

Unlike other schools that offer just a year-end recital, our events are scheduled year-round, and are the perfect supplement to your private lesson study. We host several special events every month.
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Online Courses

We are excited to offer more live online courses in 2021! 

This fall our students engaged with us online, tracing the lines of classical styles in Pierre's class "Bach to Glass"; learning how to shape their solos from the ground up with Elliot's Improv course; and examining symphonic music in Rick's course "Mahler and Beyond". 

Now you can enroll in two new classes - Songwriting 101 taught by Matt and Emily, and Jazz History and Appreciation with Rick. Scroll down for descriptions, dates and fees.

Don't delay as the deadline to sign up is 1/25. Please contact us if you'd like more info. 

Music Theory Workshops

Free for Membership students!*

Each of our music theory workshops is a special event that focuses on an area of music study or a theme, and they are open to all levels of students. It’s a great way to get a better grasp on understanding how music works, as a compliment to your private lessons. We offer workshops for adults and kids.

*For Membership students wishing to attend special events, we ask that you register one week in advance for our preparation process. Non-members can pay per workshop, due one week in advance. Please contact us.

We've paused our free theory classes until we're able to reopen our studio. We look forward to starting them back up!

Strings Workshops

Our Strings Workshop is a place where you can take the skills you’re learning in your private lessons and build on them even more. In this series of workshops for violin, viola, and cello students, we will:

1. Work on chamber pieces for 2, 3, and 4 string instruments.

2. Learn how to play and listen to multiple parts while working on these duets, trios, and quartets.

3. Build a better understanding of basic music theory.

4. Make friends working through the same technique challenges as you!

Music Appreciation Classes

Take our Music Appreciation Classes to gain insight into why music is so cool! We’ll dig deep into why certain landmark records or visionary artists achieved success and explore how you can understand the music more completely. The classes will help round out your musicianship and serve as an excellent compliment to your private lessons.

Each month we will use a classic recording as a springboard for examining a musical genre and its harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements. We will take a close look at artists that inspired the album as well as works that were subsequently influenced by it.

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