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Year Round Special Events

Unlike other schools that offer just a year-end recital, our events are scheduled year-round, and are the perfect supplement to your private lesson study. We host several special events every month. Most of our special events can be joined online via Zoom. We've highlighted a few offerings below, but be sure to check the full calendar below for all.

Check out our Faculty Concert!

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Jazz Theory and Performance 101

Have you have ever wanted to learn how to play jazz? Are just starting on your jazz performance journey, or have simply been interested in how the "Great American Art Form" works? Then this is the class for you!
You can learn the basics of jazz tunes and forms, how to achieve the elusive “swing” feel, the fundamentals of improvising over chord changes, and other personalized tips. Jazz theory and practice are beneficial for your musicianship in many ways, and can be applied to a myriad of other musical styles. If you are interested in expanding your musical palate and exploring the basics of jazz performance in the process, don’t hesitate to sign up for this class!
Students: Open to adult and teen beginners and lower intermediates, any instrument.

Music Theory Crash Course

If you are new to music theory, or simply want to review the basics, this is the class for you. In four sessions we will look at the building blocks of music and composition that are Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Form. Through discussion and demonstrations, we will see how all these aspects of music come together to create the music we love, no matter the style or era.
Students: Open to adults and teens. Any instrument.

Classical Appreciation Workshops

Expand your understanding of classical music with our series of classical workshops. Each course is designed to take you inside the great works of famous composers. Choose from offerings such as: 

- Mahler & Beyond! A Survey of Late Romantic and Early 20th Century Symphonic Music
- Intro to Baroque Counterpoint
- Bach to Glass: Tracing a Line From J.S. Bach to Phillip Glass, Surveying Stylistic Developments in Western Classical Music

Pedals and Effects Workshop

Learn how to get the most out of pedals and effects! Learn how to properly chain together various effect pedals and use them to shape your tone.
We tackle different categories with each workshop; such as "Gain, Distortion, & Fuzz!", "Massive Modulation Madness", "Reverb & Delays delays (delays)", etc. Check w/ us for details.

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