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Interested in playing in an orchestra or a band? Or need to prepare for an upcoming event? Take your cello playing to the next level, or simply learn to play cello for the first time. Page Music Lessons helps you achieve your cello goals. Learn proven techniques for improving your skills, and take advantage of our frequent recitals.

Page Music Lessons delivers high caliber, private cello lessons in Boston, with highly experienced cello instructors who love music and love to teach.


Study Your Favorite Styles

The beauty of private study at Page Music Lessons is that you can work on the music you like, at your own pace. Our staff includes cello instructors who specialize in classical cello lessons, jazz cello lessons, contemporary styles and world music.

While our instructors will always help you stay focused on your goals, we never impose a set curriculum. We're here to help you learn the tools you'll need to play your favorite cello music.

All Ages and Levels Welcome

We love beginners! Yes, our cello teachers have impressive accolades and skillsets, but don't let that intimidate you. We enjoy helping students start right from scratch, or rediscover their passion for cello. Students need no prior experience. Of course we gladly accept intermediate and advanced students, whether you are working to get to the next level or preparing for an audition. And while other schools only focus on helping children, Page Music Lessons serves both adult cello students and kids.

Our instructors have plenty of experience helping working professionals, retirees, teenagers and younger children, and we offer cello lesson plans for all ages and skill levels. For your young child, we generally recommend starting cello lessons at age 7, although we have had success with some younger kids.

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Available Cello Instructors

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