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Song Night

Make Music Together

Are you an adult beginner who would benefit from playing simple songs with other similar students? Would you like to supplement your own practicing and private lessons with a low-pressure performance opportunity? Song Night is for you!

Fun, Supportive Environment

While many beginning students do not have an opportunity to connect and play together with other musicians, Page Music Lessons Song Night gives you the chance to step out of the practice room and make music with a small group of fellow students in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Join In!

Song Night is a “campfire-style” workshop designed for adult beginners. Guided by a member of the Page Music Lessons staff, the class will sing and play basic versions of songs chosen in advance. All instruments/voice are welcome to attend. Song Night is scheduled regularly throughout the year, so you can grow your musicality with us, and even “graduate” to Jam Night 101.

Easy Songs

Two popular songs are chosen in advance, so you can prepare with your private instructor. Get involved and you can help pick songs for future classes. Song choices draw from a variety of genres including Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, etc. Popular examples include songs like "Let It Be", "Tangled Up in Blue", "Daughter", and more.

Students should work on the songs with their private instructor prior to the class – but remember, this is for beginners, so don’t worry if you only know the basics!

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