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Jimmy Di Tullio


About Jimmy


BM in Performance, Berklee College of Music


Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Jimmy Di Tullio has been playing guitar for nearly 20 years, gigging and teaching from coast to coast and everywhere in between. If you ask him to boil down his teaching philosophy to one sentence, he’d say that fun should be considered above all else. He has an infectious joy for music of all styles and genres, and knows that music is something that connects us all on a deeper level.

Originally from Boston, Jimmy began playing guitar just before the age of 10. He vividly remembers finding a cassette tape and boom box hidden away in his basement, and figuring out how to turn it on. The cassette was AC/DC’s Back in Black. From the moment the first E chord rang out, he knew the music was what he needed to do with his life. He jumped in head first and began taking lessons, continuing them all the way through high school and into college where he attended Berklee College of Music. He knows that throughout his musical journey thus far, he wouldn’t be where he is today without strong mentors.

Jimmy’s thoughts on learning an instrument are simple: anyone can do it. He lives for that moment when it all “clicks” for a student, and they break through a barrier that once held them back. He’s been there before, and relishes on passing that joy to a pupil. No matter the skill level, he’ll get you where you want to go with the instrument in a way that works for you specifically whether you want to learn theory, improvisation, simply just jam, or anything in between.

He possesses a love for all music but especially loves rock, blues, and funk. He is currently rhythm guitarist in Dirty Deeds: The AC/DC Experience based in New England.


I’m thrilled I chose Page Music. My overall experience has been educational, relaxing and exciting. I look forward to continuing my lessons as I chase my goal of becoming a proficient, recreational musician. Thank you Page Music!!