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Matthew MacKellar


About Matthew


Bachelor of Music, Berklee College of Music


Bass, Drums, Recording Arts

Matthew MacKellar stands as a beacon of musical expertise and dedicated instruction, marked by his unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and igniting passion in his students. Graduating from Berklee College of Music, where he earned a degree in Performance, Matthew embarked on a journey that would see him grace stages across the globe. Growing up with a passion for jazz and gospel music, he studied under some of the country’s premier educators, including drumming jazz giant Ralph Peterson as well as touring pop drummer Lil John Roberts. From prestigious events in New England with bands such as Kahootz Entertainment and the Silver Arrow Band, to collaborations with British jazz luminaries like Alexander Bone and Paul Edis, Matthew’s experiences have enriched his understanding of music’s power to unite and inspire.

Beyond his achievements in live performance, Matthew’s contributions to the music scene extend to his work in the recording studio, lending his versatile drumming talents to projects for acclaimed artists such as UK based electronic artist and DJ Anish Kumar. However, it is in the classroom where Matthew’s passion truly shines. With a teaching approach rooted in encouragement and the instilling of passion, he guides students of all ages and skill levels on a journey of musical discovery. Through personalised instruction and a genuine desire to see his students succeed, Matthew aims to make the pursuit of musical literacy both rewarding and enjoyable for all who seek his guidance. In Matthew MacKellar, aspiring musicians find not only a teacher but a mentor whose dedication and expertise serve as a guiding light on their own musical paths.


“MacKellar demonstrates an impressive mastery of his instrument and a real maturity in his playing. Too often at the top end of the music industry do virtuosic musicians forget about the music as a whole and focus purely on themselves and flaunting their skills. MacKellar is one of few musicians I know who looks at the music being created holistically, a facet of his playing that puts him in incredibly high demand.” – Billy Kilson