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Rob Moore


About Rob


B.M. Guitar Performance – Berklee College of Music; A.S. Business Administration – Laredo College; A.S. Instrumental Music – Laredo College.


Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Guitarist Rob Moore’s main focus is on practical, economic playing and practice that can be carried over to many different styles and genres of music.

Rob has been playing guitar for over 15 years. As a child, Rob was exposed to many different genres of music ranging from Steve Miller to Herb Alpert to Wild Cherry.  It was at age 8 that he first heard Black Sabbath and at 9 Judas Priest and Yngwie Malmsteen, and he knew he had to take up the guitar. Originally from South Texas, Rob grew up in a medium-sized city as basically an only child and with nothing to do but practice.

Rob decided to make Boston his destination and Berklee his dream. While at Berklee, Rob expanded on his knowledge of jazz and bebop as well as music theory and began composing with implementation of knowledge and skills learned during his studies. Rob has played a variety of styles such as blues, jazz, rock, gospel, pop, hard rock, heavy metal, and neoclassical metal. Rob has studied under Joe Stump and Matthew Mills.

Currently, Rob is working on releasing an EP with his heavy metal band and a solo neoclassical metal album along with performing as a sideman in various local hard rock/heavy metal acts. Rob endorses DC Custom Guitars, Swiss Picks, and Dean Markley strings.


“Rob is a highly disciplined and extremely dedicated player with a very strong work ethic – he eats, sleeps, and lives guitar. To me that’s what it takes if you’d like to make your mark in this genre. It’s great to see all his hard work paying off, there’s no doubt he’ll evolve into a monster of a metal player if he continues on this path.” – Joe Stump