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Nikolai Mishchenko


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Piano, Keyboards, Songwriting

Nikolai Mishchenko is a contemporary pianist and composer, originally from Moscow. His unique style combines traditional jazz roots and contemporary classical improvisations. He has received many awards as a performer and composer and has been invited to participate as a leader and sideman in renowned jazz festivals, including the “Cambridge Arts River Festival” (USA), the “Gubbio Summer Festival” (Italy), “Future of Jazz” (Russia) and many others. Throughout his professional life, he has worked and performed with Igor Butman, Mayssa Karaa, Laurin Talese, Warren Wolf, Gregory Groover, ERINI, and others. Nikolai is passionate about discovering new ways to bring science,  poetry, nature, and music together in new ways that connect and inspire others.

As an educator and teacher, Nikolai has collaborated with some of the most renowned educational platforms in Russia such as “Synchronize Art”, “Lanote Education Center”, “GeekBrains”. He has taught and mentored numerous of students helping them realize their potential in music and performance. He has led master classes on major jazz festivals and in colleges.

“My job as an educator is not to give right answers but to ask the correct questions helping a student realize their own way of creative thinking. I always try to find an individual approach for each student that will help them achieve their specific goals.”


“Nikolai is a real hard worker and has plenty of experience, but in the same time he is an open-minded person, full of ideas who can think creatively.” – Evgeny Lebedev