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Daniel Neyman


About Daniel


Doctor of Musical Arts, Boston University, 2018-present; Master of Music, Yale University ’18; Bachelor of Music, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance ’12


Piano, Keyboards

Daniel Neyman began his piano studies at the Karmiel Conservatory with Mrs. Svetlana Pachter. He studied towards B.Mus. degree at the Jerusalem Academy of Music with Prof. Michael Boguslavsky. Daniel received his M.Mus. degree from Yale University School of Music where he studied with Prof. Melvin Chen and Prof. Boris Berman. Currently, he is pursuing his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Boston University School of Music, studying with Prof. Pavel Nersessian. Also, Daniel is studying with Prof. Alexander Korsantia as well as taking classes at Harvard University- Department of Music.

Daniel has performed in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Turkey, Spain, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Canada, U.S.A, Portugal, and since 2008, he has been performing in Live Broadcast recitals at the Israeli Voice of Music Radio. Daniel was awarded the 1st prize at the Excellence of Piano Performing International Competition, which enabled him to perform at Carnegie Hall, 1st prize at the “Voice of Music Competition”, 1st prize at the Chamber Music Competition at the Jerusalem Academy, 1st prize at the “Piano Forever” Competition in Ashdod, 1st prize at the Puigcerdà International Piano Competition in Spain, 1st prize at the Pompignan International Piano Competition in France, 1st prize at the Liszt International Piano Competition in Eilat. Daniel took part in various musical projects, such as the Piano Master project of the Edward Aldwell Center, the Jerusalem chamber music project, International Piano Course in Spain, Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes, Chopin Festival, Piano Festival in France, Chamber Music Festival in Eilat, Brahms Festival, Gabala Music Festival and he is currently playing with the leading symphony orchestras and recently he performed with Yale Philharmonic Orchestra.

Daniel has taken several pedagogy classes at Yale University and Boston University as well as he has been teaching piano since 2010 in various institutions including Yale University, Jerusalem Academy of Music, and Boston University in addition to teaching private lessons. Daniel believes in customizing to each student and strives to make everything he teaches engaging and clear so that each student is empowered to be able to make their own musical choices. He enjoys guiding and watching his students find their own voice in their music. Daniel’s goal is for his students to become their own teachers outside of lessons so that they can learn and explore music independently and with confidence. He believes in a flexible approach to each student since everyone has different ways of relating to both music and instruction. Daniel is aware of the variety of experiences in each individual and looks to discover and develop their strengths while ameliorating their weaknesses. Every student, regardless of background, can improve his or her musical ability. Furthermore, each student has a different learning style, and he strives to find the best approach for each.


“Daniel is an amazing teacher and a fantastic pianist. I’m truly grateful to be his student; our lessons were life-changing.” – R. Smith (former student)