Pierre Nicolas Colombat

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Doctor of Musical Arts, Boston University, 2017-present; Master of Music, New England Conservatory ’17; Bachelor of Music, DePaul University ’14


Piano, Keyboards

“Over the course of my life I’ve taken many disengaging and discouraging piano lessons that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn’t until I studied with Pierre that I really started to enjoy playing piano. Anyone can teach you to play the notes at the right time, and quite frankly I think that if you worked hard enough alone that you could teach yourself the notes and orientation of the piano. However, no one has ever been able to explain and teach me how to be musical in such a unique and compelling way as he did. He worded things in a way that inspired me to actually practice in order to internalize and master his concepts. The way he opened my eyes to the piano has made me into the musician that I am proud to be today.” -Cooper K.

About Pierre Nicolas

Pierre-Nicolas Colombat is a French-American pianist and teacher living in Boston, MA. He currently studies with Pavel Nersessian during the course of his Doctorate of Musical Arts at Boston University. Recent concert engagements include performances in NEC’s Jordan Hall and the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum, various other American cities, as well as in Canada and France. He has been invited to perform in the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Prelude Series Concerts.

Colombat feels equally drawn to music from the 17th century and to the avant-garde and more popular idioms of today. Outside of performance and teaching, Colombat has written essays, started a concert review podcast, and organized groups such as Quo Vadis, Schubert? .

Having taught private piano lessons since 2011, Pierre’s teaching experiences include in-home lessons, group lessons, and serving as a piano instructor at the New England Conservatory from 2015-17. He teaches in both English and French. As a teacher, Colombat focuses on his students’s individual goals. This being said, experience in a variety of styles makes it possible to branch out and make unexpected connections between supposedly different styles. Colombat’s immediate goal with his students is to cultivate a sense of wonder and endless intrigue in the musical possibilities that the piano provides. Using a strong background in technical principles as well as a wide knowledge of different repertoires and styles, Colombat ultimately intends to supply his students with the tools they need to fulfill their own musical journey’s without strict reliance on their teacher. Music is a path that should be walked side by side, not one ahead of the other.

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