Jacob Aviner

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BM, Jazz Composition and Professional Music – Berklee College of Music


Piano, Keyboards, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Recording Arts

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“Jacob is a natural teacher, a talented artist, and we have been very lucky to have him… his enthusiasm was contagious with the students.” – Miranda Tadlock (Ridgefield Academy Connections Magazine)

Songwriter and composer from the Tri-State area, Jacob Aviner is an eclectic and multi-faceted musician. In 2012, he decided that he wanted to enhance his musical skills and moved to Boston to further his education at Berklee College of Music. A double major in Jazz Composition and Professional Music, he is constantly trying to learn as much about the rules of harmony so that he can break them—employing his new skills in compositions and arrangements of all kinds. He is experienced in working with and directing/conducting big bands and orchestral jazz ensembles, as well as working as a bandleader for small group ensembles. He likes to work in mediums ranging from catchy jingles to thematic film scores. An avid songwriter, Jacob has also been writing and performing locally both in Manhattan and the Boston/Cambridge scenes. His instruments of choice include guitar, bass, voice, and mandolin; and he can also teach beginning-intermediate piano students.

“My job is not simply to teach you how to play music. It is to give you the tools and inspiration to play and love music, to follow your ear and learn eventually through self-study. By studying with me, you will learn how to play your instrument with technique and musicality, use your ear in conjunction with theory, and appreciate music in ways you may not have considered.”

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