Alexey Sokolov

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BM, Berklee College of Music. BA, Saint-Petersburg Conservatory



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After graduating music high school in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in 2008, Alexey went on to study at Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory (classical) and at Berklee College of Music (contemporary jazz) in Boston, MA. There he studied with legendary saxophone professors such as Bill Pierce, Walter Beasley and Greg Osby. By the time he left Berklee, Alexey had achieved the highest proficiency rating given by the school and received a “Charlie Parker” award from the woodwind department.

Alexey started his professional career right after graduating from both institutions. He passed an audition for the #1 rated GB band in Boston, with whom he is currently playing regular shows up and down the East Coast. Along with all of the shows, Alexey is passionate about teaching. He lives by the saying: “If you had a chance to receive something, make sure you also have a chance to give.” He has experience teaching different ages, levels, and nationalities of students. Plus he is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, proficient not only on all the woodwind instruments (saxophones, flute, clarinet) but also on piano and keyboards. Alexey strives to give the best possible knowledge of music in both private and group ensembles, and from time to time he hosts clinics and masterclasses. Currently Alexey is working on his debut album and on an educational DVD.