Learn to Play Piano, Keyboards, Recording Arts, Songwriting

Hannah Kwon


About Hannah


BM, Film Scoring, Berklee College of Music. BM, Applied Music (Piano), Dongduk Women’s University


Piano, Keyboards, Recording Arts, Songwriting

With expertise in both classical and contemporary genres, Hannah Kwon provides well-rounded piano instruction that encompasses various styles and techniques. Her goal is to guide students to their fullest potential while nurturing a lifelong appreciation for the transformative power of music.
Hannah is an accomplished pianist with a deep-rooted passion for music that began at the age of 6. Graduating from Seoul Music High School, specializing in jazz and contemporary music, she built a solid musical foundation. Furthering her studies at Dongduk Women’s University under Kwang-Min Kim’s guidance, she expanded her expertise in jazz piano.
Hannah’s journey continued at Berklee College of Music, where she received a prestigious full scholarship and studied with renowned faculty like Alain Mallet, Tim Ray, and Laszlo Gardony. This experience fueled her passion for film scoring, driven by a deep desire to touch hearts through music.
As a dedicated and empathetic teacher, Hannah prioritizes understanding her students’ unique needs and dreams. She fosters their growth, creating an inspiring environment for self-expression through the piano. Hannah’s expertise extends beyond piano instruction, as she excels in teaching harmony and leveraging technology for music creation. She firmly believes in the power of technology as a tool to bring to life everything you hear inside.
Embark on a musical journey with Hannah as your guide and unlock your talents!


“Hannah’s teaching goes beyond technical instruction. She dives deep into the emotional aspects of music, teaching me how to infuse my playing with passion and expression. Her expertise in harmony has given me a deeper understanding of chord voicings and improvisation, allowing me to explore new musical territories and create my own unique compositions.” – Joon, Former Student