Learn to Play Cello

Jose Quezada Márquez


About Jose


MM in Cello Performance from The Boston Conservatory



Jose Quezada Márquez is a Peruvian cellist with Masters of Music in Cello Performance from the Boston Conservatory. Prior to coming to the United States for graduate study, he was a cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru for nearly fifteen years. His world music album, En Camino, combines cello with traditional Peruvian rhythms, Andean instruments, and jazz and rock (available on Spotify, Apple Music and other online platforms). He composed the music and performed the majority of the instruments, including cello, guitar and bass.


Jose’s teaching philosophy is this:
Everyone can build a relationship with music. Music is part of our system. Rhythm is something natural to human beings; there’s rhythm in our speech, in our way of walking, in our breathing. If we teach students to have a close relationship with music, they can discover that with discipline and dedication they can make progress in anything they do. But they can have fun and be happy as well, while they are in close contact with a superb art form.
Jose focuses on these three ideas: Hard work and discipline, having fun, and never stop learning.


“Cello lessons with Jose have been fantastic! I always look forward to my next lesson.” – Ted P.