Learn to Play Voice, Violin / Viola

Rachel Pac


About Rachel


B.A. Music Education from Berklee College of Music


Voice, Violin / Viola

Rachel is a music education major at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She began her musical journey with the Suzuki violin method at age four, quickly followed by classical voice training. At Berklee she diversified her genre focus to study pop and R&B. She has been studying voice for the past 10 years in private lessons and choirs as well as focusing on learning different teaching methods in her time at Berklee as a music education major.

Currently Rachel teaches for Berklee’s AANE United Sound chapter, teaching neurodiverse adults on the autism spectrum music on all instruments from voice to mandolin. As a music educator, Rachel’s pedagogy focuses on social emotional learning. Building a safe learning environment with her students where they are able to flourish musically and be pushed to the best of their capabilities; trying different techniques and having fun working on music they enjoy, while elevating their musicality. Rachel focuses on investing in her students – not only as musicians but as people – and what kind of culture we create in the classroom.


“It’s great! I really like working with her.” – Jordan H.