Learn to Play Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Rihards Kolmanis


About Rihards


MM in Contemporary Improvisation, New England Conservatory; BM in Guitar Performance, Berklee College of Music


Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

With more than seven years of teaching experience, Rihards Kolmanis has a BA degree in Performance from Berklee College of Music, and recently completed a Masters Degree at the New England Conservatory of Music. Proficient in teaching a wide range of music genres including, but not limited to, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical, Pop, R&B, Funk and Electronic Music, he offers lessons on guitar, bass and ukulele. His lessons often include the basics of music theory and composition. His teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that each student brings a different set of interests and motivation to the teaching session, and Rihards builds a teaching plan which reflects these individual needs with kindness, patience, and positive reinforcement, and a strong belief that learning to play a musical instrument can and should be fun. He has worked with children as young as six years of age, high school and college students, and adults of all ages. He has performed in various theater shows and music festivals across Europe and now also in the US. He has been taught and influenced by a number of well-known musicians, including Dave Tronzo, Tim Miller, Kim Perlak, Billy Kilson, Joe Morris, Anthony Coleman, Hankus Netsky, Ran Blake, Ted Reichman, Lautaro Mantilla, Steve Drury, and John Mallia.


“I wish to express my support and confidence in Rihards Kolmanis’ ability to serve as an educator. His patience and professionalism will serve him very well in this role, and I know that the students will be appreciative of his approach.” -Rick Peckham