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Daniel Martinez


About Daniel


BM in Guitar Performance, Berklee College of Music


Guitar, Bass, Songwriting

A constant student of guitar and music, Daniel has worked extensively as a performer specializing in rock, prog and metal, and is currently playing with tech-death metal pioneering band Atheist. Additionally, Daniel is a professional music transcriber, having transcribed several full length tab books and nearly 100 courses for Truefire in styles ranging from death metal and jazz chord soloing to Chicago blues. His approach to teaching focuses on whatever excites the student about music and the guitar and then providing a framework of tools and knowledge to bring their playing goals to life and develop their own voice on the instrument. Helping students explore new music, learning good habits for practicing effectively, as well as preventing injury continue to be important aspects of his teaching style.


Daniel began his formal musical studies at El Conservatori del Liceu, a jazz conservatory in Barcelona and BIN (Berklee International Network) school and year later got the opportunity to transfer to Berklee College of Music where he earned his B.M. in Guitar Performance. During his time at Berklee, Daniel studied under world renowned rockers Joe Stump, Jon Finn and Shaun Michaud, however continued to expand his understanding and appreciation for jazz under the tutelage of jazz masters John Baboian and Jack Pezanelli. During his time at Berklee he was actively involved in organizing and performing at shows throughout Boston, as well as doing freelance transcription work for bands and solo artists, including Berklee faculty.


His interest in transcribing led him to co-trancribing several full length tab books, including for guitar virtuoso Christian Muezner’s (Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) 2nd solo album, “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”, Serbian virtuoso Alek Darson’s “Panopticon,” and Revocation’s “Deathless.” Now transcribing courses for Truefire, he is regularly transcribing and engaging with the musical vocabulary of top instructors and players such as Andy Timmons, Josh Smith, Mimi Fox, Matt Schofield and Sheryl Bailey. Daniel is also an active performer and touring guitarist and has played with a variety of musical projects including prog-rock act Fright Pig, Black Trip, his previous band, the Offering, and now currently performs and tours as a member of Florida metal band, Atheist.


“As a player all his hard work is certainly paying off as he`s developing into a real monster metal player. His technique is outstanding, the tone in his hands is real strong and he has great stylistic interpretation when it comes to hard rock and metal.” – Joe Stump