Jam on Fun Songs

Kids Jam

Guided Kids Jam

Does your child want to jam with other kids, but doesn’t know where to start? Sign them up for Kids Jam, which will supplement their practicing and private lessons with this low-pressure performance opportunity.

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Learn to Take the Lead

Kids Jam at Page Music Lessons are a great opportunity for students to learn to take the lead – through their choice of songs, taking solos, and working out their own arrangements. And Kids Jam provides the perfect motivation for more practicing!

Come Jam With Us!

A Page Music faculty member will guide the ensemble through the songs (1-2 per session), offering suggestions for how to play most effectively with others. Kids Jam is a recurring opportunity that happens throughout the year, so your child will be able to gain momentum on their instrument. All instruments and vocalists are welcome, and it’s open to all ages.

Jam on Fun Songs

One to two songs are chosen in advance so your child can prepare with your private instructor. Get involved and your child can help pick songs for future jams. Song choices draw from a variety of genres including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, and movie/tv theme songs.
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