Are All Music Studios The Same?

Here is why Page Music Lessons is the right choice. We feature all of the following:

– University trained teachers

– Students are able to choose from pop/rock, jazz, blues or classical styles of instruction

– Choice of more than 1 teacher for each instrument to fit your or your child’s personality and learning style

– Instruction available for ages 4 through to adults

– Instructors who have experience teaching adults as well as kids of all ages

– Able to instruct you or your child at our studio, in your home or via webcam

– An ongoing event schedule – offering you plenty of opportunities to play with other students and perform in front of receptive audiences

– Ability to schedule private lessons for 2 or more family members at the same time to avoid hours of waiting and driving to different lesson providers each month

– Optional low pressure recitals offered at least 5 times a year, free of charge for members

– Desk staff available to assist you anytime

– Students or parents are never required to fund raise for studio events

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