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Tired of trying to unsuccessfully reach your music teacher? The Page Music Lessons Team handles all of your administrative needs, including all scheduling and payments, and event coordination. We’re a local Boston company, since 2002. You can count on us to help solve any issues you might encounter, and also help share your success! Along with part-time office assistants, you’ll find office manager Rick Landwehr behind the front desk when he’s not behind the drum kit. Matt Pennington helps with office duties in between his teaching hours. Lydian wags her tail a lot.

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Founded in 2002

Founded by Boston musician, recording engineer, and guitar instructor Elliot Page, Page Music Lessons has been helping students since 2002. Elliot writes – “I set out to build a school that could help a wide variety of students, including adults. I wanted each student to be able to focus on their individual goals, regardless of the type of music they are most into. And I knew we needed the best teachers we could hire, right from the start. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to students progress over time, particularly at our events like our Recitals and Jam Nights. I hope you’ll consider joining our vibrant community here.” Read more in this BostonVoyager feature.

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