Elliot Page

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B.A. in Music, Colorado College


Guitar, Recording Arts

“I love coming here after work. It’s a great way to end the day.” – Bob D.

Elliot brings a diverse background to his twenty-plus years of teaching experience – with theory, composition, and history studies in jazz, rock, and classical music. Elliot works with intermediate and advanced guitar students on rock, blues, jazz and improvisation. He particularly enjoys coaching students through Jam Nights and helping them learn to play their best within a band setting. Elliot also works as a band coach, helping bands prepare for performances and recordings.

Elliot has performed in a variety of ensembles throughout the U.S. Elliot plays with Vic Firecracker, a notable Boston indie band, performing guitar, bass and backing vocal duties. He is the guitarist, songwriter and vocalist for ZO (Zyrah’s Orange), a Boston-based modern rock band. ┬áHe produced their CDs; A Space To Call Your Own, Mad Science EP, Body, and Mind. He’s worked with producer Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, The Cure, The Pixies).┬áZO has performed throughout northeast for years, and Elliot has shared the stage with many notable musicians including Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members. In a review of Zyrah’s Orange’s Body, Northeast Performer writes: “They are absolutely awesome . . . they consistently display the kind of chops many musicians would kill to possess . . . impressively brilliant tunes.”

Elliot has also worked as an audio engineer and producer at The Small Church and Waltz Audio, working with artists of all genres. Elliot is the president of Page Music Lessons, which he founded in 2002. For more info about Elliot and Page Music, check out this feature in BostonVoyager.

Please note: Elliot is not accepting new students at this time but we encourage you to check out our talented guitar staff. Elliot instructs many of our Jam Nights and looks forward to working with you at one soon.